Thursday, June 26, 2008
Kim is with her parents now, and we thank them for giving her to us and making our lives better for it.

We'd also like to thank the father for his service and everybody who attended, those who tried to attend and those people across the planet who had Kim in their thoughts at that time.

Note: The above note was first drafted on June 26 by Cat Lochley but saved as a draft and never posted to the blog. I (GeekGirl aka Piper) have chosen to post/publish it.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008
Kimberly Elizabeth Fox 8/28/1955 - 6/11/2008
Kimberly Elizabeth Fox, 52 of Vineland, New Jersey, formerly of Michigan City, Indiana, passed away June 11, 2008 at 3:41 pm in University of Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia.

Funeral services will be held at 2:00, Thursday, June 19, 2008 at Ott/Haverstock Funeral Chapel with the Rev. Dennis Blaney officiating. Burial will follow in Greenwood Cemetery, Michigan City, IN. Visitation will be from 12:00pm Thursday at the Ott/Haverstock Funeral Chapel.

She was born August 28, 1955 in Michigan City, Indiana to the late William S. Maddocks and the late Anna Marie Jellison.

Surviving are her friends, William "Bill" Pomerantz and Robert (Piper) Plummer, both of Vineland, New Jersey.

She was preceded in death by her parents.

Kimberly graduated Marquette University with an MBA, and worked as a computer programmer for 25 years, before continuing on to operate a chain of comic book stores, and more recently serving as CEO of PP&F NetWorks, LLC. She was a member of many online community organizations.

To sign a guestbook and leave condolences online visit our Web site at


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Thursday, June 12, 2008
Kim.E.Fox Memorial Fund.
I'm posting this here, as I was asked to provide a way for those that wish to donate, to send money. I can't guarantee where the money will be spent, other than to pay bills, or expenses or whatnot in the coming months. For those that don't wish to use Amazon, you can always send checks or money orders to:

PP&F NetWorks, LLC
for Kim. E. Fox Fund
PO Box 459
Vineland, NJ


Kimberly Elizabeth Fox Memorial Fund

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Kimberly Elizabeth Fox 8-28-1955 - 6-11-2008
Piper got a call from the hospital as she was on her way in to see Kim, she made it there in time but only just.

I wish I knew what else to say but I don't.

(Posting on Piper's behalf because lets face it, however bad I'm feeling she's feeling a helluva a lot worse)

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Monday, June 09, 2008
Is it wrong????
Is it wrong of me, to want Kim to keep fighting?

Is it wrong of me to want her to keep enduring?

Last couple days, she's been asking for Pain meds alot. And the Docs helping her, and keeping her going..

But I can't but wonder, is she doing this because it's what she really wants, or is it because of US.

I want her around. I never want to have to let her go. I love her truly.

We had a talk with a doc from the hospital's Ethics Comity today...

He felt, he was ethically obligated to tell us, that further aggressive treatment was "futile" and that the medical staff recommends making her 'comfortable'.

He said that that wasn't a "general concession" but instead it was a unanimous concession of the medical staff.

He also said, that he recommends a second opinion, if for nothing else, than Bill's and My piece of mind.

He also said, that the concession was that Bill and I were appropriately speaking for Kim's wishes when she wasn't lucid, and that this was confirmed by her in the times when she is lucid.

By my number one question is this:


I know people ask that often. Why me, Why now, Why, why, why....

My impulse is to say, that Kim's illness is proof that there is no God.

But I can't honestly belive that, no matter how angry and upset I am.

Truth be told, I feel that Kim and my finding of each other, and our time together is proof that he/she exists.

I have done many things in my life that I am less than proud of.

And truth be told, I have done many things in my life, that I HAVE been proud of, but probably shouldn't be.

But instead of living by myself in a self imposed hell, I've had GREAT friends, friends so supportive that I care for them more than my family, just poured onto me.

How could this happen if there wasn't someone or something looking out for me?

But at the same point, I still need to know. WHY KIM? WHY NOW? Why Why Why!

-The one sitting in a puddle of tears.

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Sunday, June 08, 2008
So I faced the blistering sun in an air condition-less SUV again to come visit Kim...

As I sit here, I'm currently experiencing a Migraine that is really hitting me hard.

It's mostly just PAIN at this point, no real vision issues or nausea...

But the pain is immense.

I haven't told anyone yet, nor done anything to get rid of it, because I feel that I shouldn't complain about something so little when Kim is so ill.

I'm quite certain I'm going to get yelled at for that last bit as soon as a certain brit reads this.

N-E-Ways, Kim's mostly here, with patchy fog here and there :) and that's all for Kim's weather report.

-Gentle soft hugg like motions-

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Friday, June 06, 2008
Kim's back on the BiPaP, and off dialysis. Her bloodpreassure took a deep dive today.

She's still mentally with it, for the time, but that will probably change depending on how long she's off Dialysis.

She's still fighting, and we're still fighting....


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Thursday, June 05, 2008
Kim's Back
Kim's fuly with it today... I just left the hospital and it's been requested that I bring boks and things with me tomorrow and that we call before we come so that She knows about what time we'l be there.

-huggleses- 2 all.....


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Baby Steps
Just a small update today...

Kim is off the BiPaP machine at the moment.

They managed t get the arterial line in place so that they can more acurately measure her blood preassure and do more acid tests more freaquently...

So right now they only have to use the BiPap for treatment doses instead of round the clock.

I wll let you know more when I know more....

Baby Steps.


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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
I'd love to tell you I have good news.

Anyways, I told it once, so I'm just going to do my old favorite, and paste a chat-log.


-Begin Chat Log-

(Cat7_) I guess you're there now
(Piper) Just had chat with Me, Bill, Kim and Doc
(Cat7_) k
(Cat7_) with mask on?
(Piper) Doc told Kim everything, and asked her what her goal was before coming here, she said "going home"
(Piper) she asked what Kim's goal is today, Kim said "Living for Tomorrow"
(Piper) Mask off
(Cat7_) k
(Piper) Kim also consented to a traciostimy
(Cat7_) honest, uncomfortably honest
(Cat7_) ok
(Piper) so they are going to see if surgeons will consent.
(Cat7_) why?
(Piper) Get rid of the mask.
(Piper) In theory she will be able to speak, and not have the big iuncomfortable mask afterwards
(Cat7_) k
(Piper) But she can't come off the breathing machine
(Cat7_) until stuff gets better
(Piper) Doc says every time we do that, she is at rishk of going into comma
(Piper) They had her off for 2 hours yesterday
(Piper) and they said the levels were astronomical
(Piper) Ontop of everything, her liver isn't keeping up at the moment
(Piper) and her amonia levels are high
(Piper) they are giving her a medicine that will help her poop out alot of the amonia

-End Chat Log -

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Kim, more Kim, and almost nothing but Kim so help me Kim
As I sit here, waiting for word, from pickles for me to come get him...

I thought i'd update people whith what I knoe from last night.

To kep Kim's blood preassure up high enough to weather the 24/7 dialysis, the have to pump her full of dopamine, milrinone, argatroban, and other medcines...

The problem is they are giving her MORE fluids than they are able to ake off.

The reason being, everytime the up the therapy on the dialysis to remove more fluids, her preassure drops, which means higher dose of dopamine....

On the good side of things....

Kim's back.

She's not happy at the state of things but she's not mad @ me or Pickles

She's awake, fully cognative, and even trying to crack a joke here and there... which is hard over the sound of the BiPaP mask thingy...

N-E-Ways, I wll try and keep everyone up to dates as best I can.


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Monday, June 02, 2008
Course of Treatment Pt 2.
We had our meeting.

I didn't hear anything I wanted to hear.

And in fact we heard a lot that we DIDN'T want to hear.

We need to get Kim's blood pressure up before we can do ANYTHING else.

We can't do transplant will we biopsy the kidneys and the lungs...

We can't biopsy the kidneys or lungs until she's OFF 24/7 Dialysis and blood pressure is up

We can't get her off 24/7 Dialysis until her blood pressure is up

And they just don't know WHY her heart isn't working better...

I promised Kim, months back, that she would come home.

I want her to come home! I don't know what I can do without here.

I don't know HOW to live without her.

I don't know what else to do!

So please PRAY








That's my course of treatment for the time being.

-NoOne that Matters without Kim

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To whom ever/what ever I don't care. But please, Pray, Send Happy Thoughts, Whatever you believe in. Even if you don't believe, please try!

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Course of treatment, Part 1
Just an FYI....

Pickles and I have an apointment with Kim's doctors @ UPenn to discuss the corse of treatment....

Fingers Crosed


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Updates and latenight consent....
Sorry about the lack of blog updates, but i've been spending time in the chatroms again and relaying information through there..

Kim's stll n and out mentally and has been really tred a lot....

She's back on the 24/7 Dalysis because when they tried the every other day kind her blood preassure and temp were too low and they weren't actually able to remove any fluid...

As a side affect of the new round of dialysis they thnk they know why the mental confusion.

They send some blood work to the lab and found the acid levels in her blood are too high.

So they are going to put her on a mask to boost the oxygen levels in her lungs and hopefully reduce the acid levels.

Well the reason I know of this development at 1:15am my tme is that inorder to make sure the mask is helping (the next step being intibation) they need to put in an arterial catheter in her wrist, or just do needle pricks every 15mins or so.

The arterial catheter has a lot of positive sides to it, lke being able to measure diferent preassures, but also has one bad side. They need to immobilze her arm so that she can't pull it out accdentally.

I've asked them to put the arteral catheter n her left arm as that's the arm where her pic line is, but just remembered she's left handed..

She's ggonna be mad at me again when she wakes up :(

oh well... I've done a decent bit of writng last couple days.... mybee it'll be redy to post in couple weeks.

-Scared One

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